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Representing clients with with integrity and professionalism.

Sarah Ward, President

Sarah Ward

President and Managing Director

Our Vision

One of the principal reasons our clients love working with us is the integrity and image that we uphold. Our clients always know that their image and reputation will increase with our marketing strategies. Another reason our clients have raved about our accomplishments for them is that our sales and marketing approach is face to face. This means we will never use telemarketing, direct mail or any other form of impersonal marketing techniques in order to represent them. This gives their customers a personal and customizable experience, where we can really focus on the message our clients want us to deliver. Since opening our doors in 2005 we have opened 10 additional locations.

GennGlobal is one of the leading sales and marketing firms because of our unique approach and that its why we work exclusively with some of the largest Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 clients. Each of our locations is now dedicated to represent one or two FTSE clients in their dedicated city. Our objective is to personalize our representation so each of our clients gets the results they are looking for. Our vision is to have 400 offices globally within the next 7 years. We will do this by first opening up offices in London, then the rest of the United Kingdom. Shortly after that we will open up offices in Europe and then expand to the rest of the world. Our mission is to be globally recognized as one of the top marketing firms that represents clients with integrity and professionalism.  Additionally, we want to give individuals interested in marketing a chance to be a part of a marketing legacy.

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Brands Still Matter

The way in which prospective customers interact with your brand has changed, but the importance of the brand hasn’t. Most people still want the assurances that a strong brand reputation conveys, especially as the price of the purchase increases. GennGlobal is a face-to-face sales and marketing firm that has extensive experience in taking strong business-to-business brands to the next level, as well as launching all-new brands. Whether the need is for positioning or pricing research, product naming, package design, focus group testing, corporate identity or online/offline brand communications, GennGlobal has the capabilities to make old brands shiny and new brands solid.

More Than Transactions – Connectivity

Connectivity is all about creating deeper relationships by pursuing a new set of principles. The focus is on co-creating with your customers: creating intimate relationships with them by engaging them in the process. It’s no longer about two-dimensional push – pull marketing; it’s multi-dimensional marketing built on valuing a relationship in which the sale is only one ingredient. The other ingredients? Asking opinions; creating ways to better serve; participating [not controlling or leading] in their online communities where you may offer suggestions. These are some of the ways we’ll help you interact with your customers and prospects. Connectivity is a measure of the intimacy you share with a customer. The goal is not to create a satisfied customer. It is to create a brand advocate. One who will not only spread the good word about you, but defend you against the occasional bad word. And, while creating advocates is nothing new, the means to do that have changed dramatically.

B2B Marketing

GennGlobal provides strategically driven business-to-business marketing services to companies migrating to positions of market leadership, focusing on customer acquisition and retention. Companies operating in crowded, competitive markets that seek to differentiate and defend positions of sustained profitable progression experience dramatic results through our proprietary strategic process. Most important, we provide real metrics for measuring clients’ business-to-business marketing and advertising efforts. As a media-agnostic company, we assure that every communication – no matter what the channel – works in tandem to generate impactful business-to-business marketing messaging while increasing sales.

Is GennGlobal Taking On New Clients?

We are always taking on new clients since we are always expanding and progressing. At this time, we have more clients than offices that can represent them, so we are currently taking on clients that we will represent in 2016. If you are looking for a company to represent you sooner, please contact Corinna in our office and discuss the options available.

What Results Can A Client Expect?

Every client is different so it will vary on a case by case basis. However, in the past, we have increased our clients customer base by a minimum of 25% at a fraction of what that would have cost them if they had used more traditional forms of marketing or advertising.

How Much Does GennGlobal Charge?

Cost will vary depending on your company size, expectations, and goals. It will also vary on how many account managers and account executives you want representing you. To discuss price in more detail, please contact us and set up an appointment to discuss marketing packages available.

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